We are a registered centre for the preparation courses for international certificates of the D.I.E from Spanish language.

D.I. E (Diploma internacional de espanol) is an internationally recognized language certificate for candidates of at least 7 years of age. The certificate confirms the language level of proficiency in spoken or written Spanish or both forms in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Internationally recognized Spanish language certificate.

Diploma is a globally recognized certificate.

The total score to be achieved at the exam is 100 assessing fluency, pronunciation, understanding, grammatical accuracy and vocabulary. The minimum score needed to pass the exam is 65 percent.

Exams are divided as follows:

A. ten levels in oral form, from beginner to very advanced language proficiency levels (Elemental, Básico, Intermedio, Avanzado, Superior a Dominio) .

B. six level in written form, in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR, in Spanish Marco de Referencia Europeo) - Elemental-A1, Básico-A2, Intermedio-B1, Avanzado-B2, Superior-C1 and Dominio-C2.

Written test and oral exam are evaluated separately and can be completed together or separately:

  • only a written form of the exam if you need an internationally recognized document mainly concerning a written form of knowledge
  • or just an oral form of the exam, if you mainly communicate in spoken form

Detailed description, duration of the test, and examples of both written and oral examinations according to the levels can be found at