Study Abroad Germany Scholarship 2017 for one month.

The scholarship 2017 of €2200, duration of which is one month in cooperation with the Goethe Institute of Munich won:

Ing. Kristína Takácsová a vybrala si Goetheho inštitút v Duesseldorfe.

The scholarship includes

  • course fee
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • insurance
  • pocket money

What the student say about studying in Germany:

I would like to express my gratitude to the Goethe Institute in Munich and the Reboli language school in Košice for the unique opportunity to take part in scholarship for 4-week study abroad of worth 2200 € and thus intensive German lessons at Goethe-Institut Düsseldorf in Germany:

The course fully met my expectations and helped me improve my German and pass the GZ B2 international language exam. Indeed, it was an unforgettable experience!
I liked the whole organization and the Goethe Institute's approach allowing the students to get involved in extracurricular activities, as well. The Goethe Institute´s employees were always willing to give advice and help.
The best place to stay is Düsseldorf as it is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and also the city of fashion and business. This area also offers many possibility for exciting daytrips to the nearby towns - Bonn, Kolin, Essen, Aachen, Brüsel or Amsterdam.
Students may have classes either in the morning or afternoon depending upon a language level – four-and –a-half hours per day. During the section we were dealing with all area of the language, i.e we practised and improved vocabulary, grammar, listening, writing and speaking. The lesson itself is interesting and provide an environment where students learn faster and more effectively using different forms - conversation with "classmates", building a deep learning architecture to jointly solve different tasks or short presentations.

The school supports student growth and deeper learning by different learning styles. The Mediathek library equipped with study materials, magazines, videos, PC and internet library was available for students throughout the day. It was also possible to improve your German by joining other conversation classes with lecturers. The Department of Culture “Kultis” organized various activities throughout the week including weekends, for instance a trip to Drachenschloss, mini golf, museum visits, a cabaret show or the visit of Düsseldorf - MedienHafen and Altstadt. "Kurzistov" I had the opportunity to meet my classmates each Thursday in Altstadt during the evening meetings on the so-called "Stammtisch”. I also had the opportunity to become familiar with the cultural life of Düsseldorf. The great advantage was the opportunity to stay in the host family and, thus I had the opportunity to become familiar with the people´s mentality, their way of life and traditions and improve my language skills. .

To conclude:

I express my gratitude to the Goethe Institute in Munich and the Reboli language school for the providing the scholarship which helped me improve my knowledge in field of language skills, it offered me the opportunity to meet new international friends and to gain unforgettable memories and valuable experiences!

Abroad Germany Scholarship 2014 for one month

The scholarship 2014 duration of which is one month in cooperation with the Goethe Institute of Munich won:

Matej Šavlík – language level B1, place - GI Schwäbisch Hall

What the student say about studying in Germany:

First of all, I would like to thank the Goethe Institute and the Reboli language school for a unique opportunity to improve the level of German knowledge, to establish new contacts and friendships. I would like to briefly summarize how my almost four-week stay abroad in Germany was going.
I was in Schwäbisch Hall, in the state Baden Württemberg.

There is one of the oldest Goethe-Institut in Germany. Personally, I think that the Goethe-Institut in Schwäbisch Hall is one of the best institutes because it is a small town and its inhabitants live for the participants its courses. Everyone was very friendly and open-minded and willing to help and advise.
I was also very satisfied with the class because I improved my German listening, speaking, reading an writing skills. Most importantly, I improved and expanded my vocabulary. The chapters that we went over with when dealing with the whole book taught me a lot. My advantage was that I lived in the host family and thus living with a host family, I had a chance to immerse myself in German culture and learn the language and traditions of the country I was staying in.

Teaching time starts at 8:15am until 13:00. We had highly differentiated afternoon program from Kunst und Freizeit Büro. I had the opportunity to take part in various excursions, city tours, museums and galleries, and to improve German language at various international parties. During my stay was Goethe Sommerfest. In fact, we (participants of the course) had created this festival. Since there were around 153 participants from more than 53 countries, the festival was very varied and everyone who attended it, whether the performer or the audience enjoyed it.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Goethe Institute and the Reboli for this unique opportunity to improve my language skills, meet new people and to gain a unique cultural experience. I stayed in touch with some of the participants as well as with the organizers and with my host family.