General sales conditions of REBOLI s.r.o.

1. General information

The REBOLI s.r.o. Company, Company ID number: 47 180 129, established in: Muškátová 12, 040 11 Košice, operation Dunajská 10B, 040 01 Košice, registered in Košice trade register, in Section: Sro, File No.: 32492/V-Zbl/V (hereinafter referred to as the „Company“) providing language learning services. These conditions govern the contractual relationship between the Language school and the student of the language courses and are binding on the parties involved.

2. Language course application form

The contractual relationship between the company and the student arises on the basis of the signature of written application forwarded to the Company or on the basis of filled on-line application through website, or order. The student declares his agreement with above general Terms and Conditions by sending or submitting the application form. It is obligatory for the students to register for the language course and the Company is eligible for a language course fee from that moment. The student can withdraw from the contract not later than 7 working days before the start of the language course, in written form. Withdrawal from the contract is described in point 4 (Cancellation of condition).
The application for GZ international exam shall be filled according to the applicable deadlines for that year and is valid along with payment of the fee for the appropriate test no later than the date of delay for the receipt of applications.

3. Payment

The language courses fee is given by the Company's current price list. The course fee can be paid by bank transfer to the Company's account. Maturity of course fee is within three working days before the start of the language course. In the event of payment for a language course by instalments, the maturity of the first instalment of 80% of the total language course price is within three days before the start of the language course. The maturity of the second instalment within 30 days before the start of the language course. The Language School account number is 292 88 95 728/1100, the variable symbol is set out in payment instructions received by the student on the basis of a signed or sent application to the language course. Contractual sanction for delay: If the student is finance delayed in fulfilling his obligations with regard to the order, the Company may apply a penalty of 0.1% of the amount due for each day of delay. The contractual sanction is also applied to the possibility of payment for a language course by instalments. In the case where the Company due to the student's delay in paying the course fee (7) withdraws from the contract, the student shall be required to reimburse the penalty of full language course fee within three day of withdrawal.

4. Cancellation of the condition

In the event a student cancel his contractual relationship before the start of the language course, such resignation for the Company is effective only after receiving a written notice (by e-mail to the address of the school or by letter to the address of the Company). If the date of the receipt of the written notice is after the registration deadline, the cancellation of fee is 10% of the total language course price within 7 days before the start of the course. If the written notice is received within three working days before the start of the language course, the Company is eligible for a cancellation fee of 25% of the total language course price. If the date of the receipt of the written notice is to the day of the start of the language course, the Company is eligible for a cancellation fee of 100% of the total price of the language course shown on the invoice. Withdrawing from the course or interruption of studies for any reason, the student is not eligible for the course fees refund. The Company may offer the student a substitute group at the same level of knowledge, in duly justified case (long-term illness documented by a medical certificate). A workload change or school timetable change shall not be considered a reasonable case. The Company reserves the right to change the language courses published on its official website or promoted by other promotional activities. The following changes have been considered: the cancellation of the language course or its parts, or any other organizational change (curriculum change, modifications concerning the lesson´s time and place, the classroom changes, modifications concerning the teaching material, the lesson cancellation, etc.). Where such changes occur, the student shall be informed immediately by e-mail, phone or text message. In the unlikely event, the course or its parts are cancelled by the Company, unless the Company offers the student an adequate substitute group providing the same level of knowledge, the student is eligible for a refund of the portion of the language course fee. In the event of a refund the student the part or the entire amount of the course fee, such sums shall be credited to the client´s account within 30 days in response to client demand.

5. Missed lessons

The Company does not provide any financial compensation for the absent student from the lesson. In the justified case (absent on presentation of a medical certificate), the student may be offered the option of replacing missed classes in another group at the same level, if any. The Company may offer the student a substitute group at the same level of knowledge, in duly justified case (absence due to a long-term illness documented by a medical certificate).

6. Individual lessons

The lessons are cancelled 24 hours in advance until 8pm. It is necessary to finish the individual lessons before the end of the semester when the last lesson is scheduled.

7. The course completion certificate and final examination

The student shall obtain certificate of his attendance on the language course if he passes the final examination with a minimum grade of 60 %. The course completion certificate shall be issued only on written application from the student.

8. Registration for the international exam, withdrawal from the exam and retaking the exam
8.1. Registration

The candidate is registered for the exam if
a) The candidate has submitted a signed application form in person by the specified deadline.
b) In the case of an online application, the candidate’s registration will be confirmed via email which will be
automatically sent by JŠ Reboli's registration system. If you do not receive the automatic email, it will be
necessary to contact JŠ Reboli immediately at
Registration for the exam does not depend on participation in the course at JŠ Reboli.
c) The candidate's registration becomes officially accepted only when the full exam fee is paid by the
closing date.
An invitation to the international exam is not sent after the application has been accepted.
d) On the day of the exam, the candidate is obliged to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the starting
time, which is usually at 8:00 a.m. The candidate must present a personal document with a current photo - ID
card/ passport.
In a case of failure to present an identity document or delay, it will not be possible to take part in the exam,
the exam fee is non-refundable in that case.
e) The course of international examinations is governed by the Examination regulations and
Executive regulations for individual international examinations, i.e. Goethe Institute. / info at for the given exam/
If the candidate has special needs, a medical certificate must be submitted no later than the application
deadline. If this condition is not met, there is a risk that the candidate will not be able to take the

8.2. Withdrawal from the international exam
a) This is possible up to 10 days before the deadline for the written part, the exam fee will be refunded after
deducting an administrative fee of 20% from the exam fee. In a case of withdrawal less than 10 days, but no
later than 7 days before its date, the fee will be returned after deducting the administrative fee of 50% from
the exam fee.
Late withdrawal - the fee is not refunded.
b) Rescheduling the exam to another date within 14 days before the date of the written part is possible, but
only once. Withdrawal from the exam after this time - see the point Withdrawal from the exam.
c) In case of non-participation of the candidate in the international language exams of the Goethe Institute on
the prescribed date, it is not possible to determine an alternative date and the payment for the exam is non-
refundable, likewise, if the candidate fails the exam, the fee is not refunded.
d) After successfully passing the exam, the graduate will receive an international language certificate within
4-5 weeks of taking the exam.

8.3. Exam repetition

a) Non-module exams
Failure in any part of the exam - written or oral part - the entire exam is considered a failure. The entire exam
can be repeated in its entirety and without limitation. Repeating only one part of the exam is not possible.
The fee is for repeating the entire exam.
b) During the module exam - it is possible to repeat the failed module / modules without limitation. The fee
is for the given module / modules.

The Company may withdraw from the contract due to filling capacity of the language course. The Company reserves the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the student and cancel student´s participation in the course provided that the student endangers property and the health of the other participants of the course or teachers and other language school staff with his conduct or seriously undermines the functioning of the course. The company shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract even where the student fails to pay the course fees before the fee payment deadline. In the case of any complaints from the student, it is necessary to contact immediately the person responsible for management of the School in written form or send a complaint letter to the address of the Company within 10 working days from the date of taking the lesson. Every lesson is considered the tuition. Any claims based on the liability for the mistakes shall be extinguished, if they are applied late.

10. Changes in the conditions

Any changes to these Terms and Conditions shall be implemented in written form with the agreement of both parties.

11. Protection of personal data

By signing the application form, the student shall agree to his personal data contained in the application being processed by the Company. Any personal data shall be processed for the sole purpose of fulfilling the contractual obligations arising from the agreement and marketing purposes of the Company. Personal data processed for the specific purpose shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose for which they were processed. Your consent to the processing of these data may be withdrawn by the student at any time upon written request. Your consent to the processing of these data may be withdrawn by the student at any time upon written request. The student may at any time withdraw his consent to data processing by sending a written request. This is without prejudice to the Company's right to process such data to the extent necessary to fulfil the contractual obligations of the contract and / or to exercise its rights under the contract and the relationships arising therefrom. The Company declares that all data provided to students shall be collected and further processed solely for the service purposes within the Company and undertakes to handle them solely in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. The student expressly acknowledges that any materials provided to him by the Company are the subject matter protected by intellectual property rights. To this end, the student expressly undertakes to refrain from any action that would have the effect of prejudicing these rights without the prior consent of the entitled person.


The company does not take any responsibility for the student´s failure to achieve the specific language objectives related to the language course. The company is not responsible for the cancellation of language courses due to force majeure.

13. Specific provisions

The student undertakes that without the explicit consent of the Company, he will not contact the lecturer, particularly as regards the delivery of any services related to the subject matter of the Company's business. The student further undertakes not to negotiate with the lecturer on matters relating to the trading conditions for the provision of language courses. In case of infringement of the obligations arising from this article, the student shall be required to pay a contractual penalty of EUR 500 to the Company for each individual violation, even if the tuition is not properly completed.

Reboli is not responsible for children outside the specified course time. Children aged 7-10 years may not leave the school premises without the permission of the school authorities. The parent or other person authorized by the parent may pick the child up immediately after the course ends.
Reboli is not responsible for children outside the designated times of their course. Pupils aged 11-17 can only leave the building after the end of the course if the parent expressed his agreement in the application.

Students aged 16-17 may only attend the adult course with the written consent of the parent.

14. Final Provisions

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally alter these general terms and conditions as well as the language course fee posted on the Company´s website, for example, in the event of a reduction in the certain number of pupils from the 7-8 group of applicants to 4-6 or from three to two or one participant in the case of the individual forms of course preparation.