‎Kristina Takacsova‎

I want to thank the Goethe-Institut and the Language school Reboli for a one month scholarship and thus also for a unique opportunity to take part in an intensive German lessons for four weeks at the Goethe-Institut in Germany. :-) — being thankful in Düsseldorf, Germany

Peter Hanák

The Language School Reboli has been again awarded the top-level language school of the Kosice region, and in my humble opinion, it is the best language school in Slovakia. I have had an opportunity to attend courses led by professional and educated lecturers. I had three, sometimes even four-hour classes where I had to be constantly alert and ready for next question. Thus I was completely drawn into language learning. The lecturers gave me no free time, which I judge it very favourable because besides learning language, students learn to think in a foreign language. Besides the lecturers' expertise, I would like to highlight a human approach on the part of the lecturers. When I needed to cancel or replace some lessons, they used to always meet me halfway that is rarely seen today. Finally, it has to be mentioned a pleasant atmosphere in the classrooms, as a result of which time flies really quickly and suddenly we find that it is end of the lesson and we have homework for next lesson.

If you really want to learn a language and you ever think of a perfect anti-talent for language – as I did – the best thing you can do is to decide for Reboli language school.

‎Majka Grohoľová

Once you visit the REBOLI Language School, you will never want to leave! It is the School, to which I will always have the pleasure of returning. I attended a summer language course and later when I was a university student, I attended an academic practice in the REBOLI Language School and finally another course! I have nothing to reproach the School! The lecturers are friendly and approachable and, most importantly, they carry out their duties in a highly PROFESSIONAL MANNER! The lecturers look forward to students´ success! With the help of the REBOLI language school, you wouldn´t be afraid of failure!