The REBOLI language school´s credo can be expressed as a concise abbreviation CREDO.

C – Creativity of learning techniques
R - rate of solutions
E - effectiveness
D – dynamic work
O – opportunity

At their new premises, the language school offers a dynamic thanks to the expertise and experience that lecturers share with students, fast and efficient progress thanks to the foreign language atmosphere and creating a sense of friendly interest and client responsiveness.

We are a private language school focusing on the languages German, English, Spanish and Russian.
Our school is focused on the preparation and carrying out international certification exams taken in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian and Slovak for foreigners of ECL and Spanish language D.I.E.
We are the school where the quality and expertise of our lecturers are the highest priority. Our language school provides language education for all ages. The goal of language training is the complex development of each language skill (grammar test, written communication, oral communication, reading comprehension and listening comprehension).
We are an expert lecturer team following the most recent trends according to the European standards of education and training.
We are focused on providing quality service and client satisfaction.

We are here for You!